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Complete the form below to apply to speak at Groceryshop 2021. We recommend submitting speaking requests as early as possible since we make decisions on a rolling basis. Within the next few months, applicants will receive a response from us indicating whether the submission was accepted or declined.

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While many of our sessions are moderated panels, we have various other formats such as standalone presentations and startup pitches. Speakers are required to cover important industry topics and trends and avoid sales pitches. There are no pay-to-play speaking opportunities.

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If you are submitting a speaking proposal on behalf of a client or co-worker or if you would like us to include a secondary contact on our correspondence regarding your speaking proposal, please indicate below.


While there is no official deadline for speaker submissions, we encourage all applicants to submit a form early to be considered for the widest range of sessions.
Please note that due to the number of speakers at Groceryshop, we cannot provide speaking fees or cover travel or other expenses related to Groceryshop.
We are also unable to provide additional complimentary tickets for colleagues or other guests accompanying the speaker.
Rest assured that we will review every submission carefully and assess the fit with the themes and topics we plan to cover in 2021.
Within the next few months, you will receive a response from us notifying you whether your submission was accepted or declined.

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